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Renting out your timeshare can seem a daunting task with the confusing timeshare rental market and the ever-increasing costs of services that may follow. By not properly maintaining and monetizing your timeshare portfolio, it can have an impact on your valuable time and money. With Travelscowt, you can save time and profit from your timeshare.

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With our 30 years combined timeshare experience and skillsets focused on strategizing and renting your weeks/points, you can experience the great feeling of profiting from your timeshare portfolio without all the stress and worry.

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We are always a call or an email away from answering your questions regarding your rental portfolio. Take a look at what our fans are saying down below.

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Our ever-expanding list of the most popular vacation club resorts allows you to sample and experience different resort companies and their respective resort locales.


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John Pardella owns 10 weeks with Marriott Vacation club. One year he and his wife decided to take their extended family on a 50th wedding anniversary cruise to Alaska. He was obviously concerned that the cruise cost would curtail his timeshare travels and that his maintenance fees were due regardless. John contacted Travelscowt and over a period of 18 months we were able monetize his portfolio for $30K in net rental proceeds. He was able to put his excess weeks/points to their highest and best use: defraying the huge cost of the family’s cruise.


Extremely Pleased!!— I have been dealing with Mr. Archer [of Travelscowt] for many years. I have found him to be a true professional and a man of his word. All transactions with Mr. Archer have been concluded successfully. I can highly recommend him. Charles Singer
— I have been working with Travelscowt for the better part of the 2 years. Apart from the obvious satisfaction of working with a competent group that gets my points rented, I really enjoy the rapport that we have established and look forward to 'doing deals' together. I never thought that renting my ownership could ever be fun. Tom Taylor
— Donald Archer of has been extremely efficient at renting out quite a few of my Marriott Timeshare weeks and points effectively to get the highest returns at resorts where he knew there would be the best demand. I can't figure out this whole timeshare game and am happy to leave it to Donald to play it like a pro!  Jordan Goodman - America's Money Answers Man Jordan Goodman
— I have known Don Archer since 1999. Working with him has always been a pleasure. He has years of valuable experience, knows the timeshare business very well, and deals in the most desirable properties.  Don is well organized, delivers on his commitments, and is very responsive to his clients. I have complete confidence in his ability to find hard-to-get, high-quality units to rent and establish prices that are fair to both his owners and renters. I don't think I could have a better person to represent my interests in the vacation rental business. Steven White
— My original plan was to use my seven Marriott's Ocean Watch Villas for my retirement but we ended up purchasing a vacation home in Myrtle Beach. I then turned to Marriott for help to rent out my excess weeks - that went well for a few years until they decided to curtail their rental program. Fortunately, I found Donald Archer at and they helped me strategize the booking for optimum dates as well as market and rent my weeks ever since. They even helped me book a week for the following summer 13 months ahead of time. If you have excess weeks you cannot use - give them a call. John Reeves
Take the weight of my back— My vacation club ownership with Marriott has been great over the years, however, the missing component has always been the rental aspect of the program (the resort doesn't typically assist owners with the rental of their timeshare inventory). Travelscowt has done a brilliant job of monetizing my rental inventory (through weeks and mainly with my Marriott Destination Club points).  Now, whenever I have excess weeks or points I just let them know and they get them rented - and I get paid.  I have referred family members and believe many owners would benefit from this service. Tim Eippert
— I recently used Travelscowt to get maximal value from my Marriott deeded week.  We were in a situation where I could not use my week, and with Don Archer's guidance, I used that week for Destination Points, which I then used to rent a high-value week at a favored resort. It only took Don a short while to find a renter for that week, and payment was quickly and seamlessly processed to me.  Working through Travelscowt provided highly personalized service, and gave me a greater deal of comfort than the other "online-only" service with which I had previously worked.  I will not hesitate to work with Travelscowt again to either valorize my Marriott week or to find a rental at another resort. Alan Kriz



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